2 Injured in Seattle Car Crash | Kirkland Personal Injury Attorney

There are many responsibilities drivers take on while behind the wheel. As a Kent auto accident attorney,  I know how often drivers forget the dangers and choose to drive recklessly. Among the worst ways that people abuse their privileges is by speeding or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. On average, 1 in every 6 drivers will receive a speeding ticket in a given year. This is especially shocking considering that while millions of speeding tickets are issued all over the United States, there are still millions of drivers who speed without getting caught.

Early Monday morning, November 15th, a Honda Civic was being driven over the speed limit in Greenwood on North 105th Street. The car was unable to negotiate a turn in time and their Civic left the road and the car collided with a wooden pole. Both of the occupants were transported to Harborview Medical Center because of injuries sustained in the car crash. The 23-year-old passenger was treated for several broken bones in the face and a fractured leg, while the driver may have sustained a broken sternum. Authorities suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved in this car crash.

Negligent driving can often lead to serious consequences. Whether driving under the influence or simply exceeding the speed limit, the driver is putting not only themselves, but everyone else on the road in jeopardy. For other drivers on the road, defensive driving is very important in avoiding a dangerous confrontation.

If you encounter a drunk driver or someone clearly exceeding the speed limit, remember to:

1.       Stay calm. If someone is tailgating or honking at you, there’s no need to speed up or be nervous.

2.       Steer clear. Change lanes to move away from the reckless driver and stay out of harm’s way.

3.       Call the police. Authorities will most likely have patrol cars in the area.

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