2 Killed in Whatcom County Crash | Seattle Accident Lawyer

A report of a crash Friday morning sent state troopers to Everson. The collision, which happened around 8 AM, occurred at the intersection of Pole Road and Noon Road. A dump truck had collided with a vehicle in a violent crash, but further details about the crash were not immediately available. Troopers did find that two people had been killed. The identities of those involved in the Whatcom County crash have not been released. Pole Road has been closed for the investigation into the accident until further notice.

While the particulars of this accident are not yet known, it is a clear reminder of just how devastating an auto accident can be. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have seen firsthand how a crash like this can tear a family apart. My condolences go out to the loved ones of those killed during this difficult time. It’s so important to understand that tragedies like this are often completely avoidable. It only takes one piece of bad luck to make that unsafe behavior that you might engage in every day turn deadly. Every time you speed, or text and drive, or do anything that divides your attention or impairs your ability to be a safe driver, you put yourself and everyone around you at risk. Don’t take the chance that you might seriously injure yourself or someone else, and be as safe as possible behind the wheel.