$200,000 Multiple Car Collision Settlement In Renton

Premier Law Group has been representing car collision clients throughout the Seattle, Bellevue, and Federal Way area. One client of our clients, Jaime M. won $200,000 after he was in a six car collision in Renton. Jaime was driving on interstate 5 and came to a stop in rush hour. The drivers behind Jaime didn’t slow down fast enough. One after the other crashed into the rear of Jaime’s car. But who was at fault? Luckily for Jaime, he called Premier Law Group, and we were able to help him with this complicated case.

Rear end auto accident

Renton Auto Accident On Southbound I-5

With several cars rear ending Jaime, who was to blame? The first and third car that hit Jaime veered to the sides, but still clipped the back of his vehicle. The second driver however ploughed straight into the back of Jaime’s car. Two more drivers were also involved at the back of the pile up.

With so many drivers involved, and cars strewn across the road, determining fault would have been a nightmare. Fortunately, there was a police officer on the side of the road with his dashboard cam to record the incident. Now, the challenge was in determining the percentage of fault of the drivers, who were jointly and severally liable for the accident.

“Joint and several liability is a form of liability that is used in civil cases where two or more people are found liable for damages. The winning plaintiff in such a case may collect the entire judgment from any one of the parties, or from any and all of the parties in various amounts until the judgment is paid in full. In other words, if any of the defendants do not have enough money or assets to pay an equal share of the award, the other defendants must make up the difference.” You can read more about it here: app.leg.wa.gov

How Did This Affect Jaime’s Life?

Jaime’s car collision injuries and treatments were pretty serious. Back and neck injuries are fairly common in auto accidents, however Jaime also suffered a serious shoulder injury as well. Following the accident, he went to physical therapy for over a year, but when his shoulder wasn’t healing, he had to have surgery. Two years after the accident, Jaime was still getting physical therapy for his injuries, though now they were post operation after the surgery.auto accident injury

All this caused Jaime to put his life on hold. A huge fan of the outdoors and sports, he couldn’t participate in the activities he loved doing. Following the auto accident Jaime now has permanent loss of mobility in his shoulder as well. This means even after his recovery, he still wouldn’t be able to enjoy his passions like he used to.


“So Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?”

With the complications of his case, Jaime needed help in proving his injuries were caused by the accident. Not only that, but with so many people at fault, who was going to pay for his medical bills? The insurance adjusters all played the blame game, pointing fingers at the other drivers who hit Jaime, saying they were more at fault for his damages.

This is why it is so essential to have an experienced lawyer. Our team had the expertise and knew exactly how to battle on Jaime’s behalf, proving his injuries were caused by the accident. Good thing our attorneys were smart enough to leverage the police officers dashcam, because next came allocating the majority fault. Even with the dashcam footage, the insurance companies still fought to compensate Jaime. Knowing the law and the tactics the insurance adjusters employ to avoid paying for damages, our attorneys proved which driver’s were most at fault for the accident.

medical bills after car crash

“How Can I Get Compensated For What I Lost?”

Being in an auto accident can often be one of the most difficult experiences in someone’s life. Especially when you’re never fully able to recover to your previous state of health. Fortunately for Jaime, he knew to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Having our auto accident attorneys on his side made all the difference in helping him recover for his loss of enjoyment of his activities.

“I could really feel his hurt.” Said Jared, one of the attorneys who handled Jaime’s case. “My family and I love playing sports together. I saw how hard this was for him. I’m proud knowing that we fought for Jamie and won the compensation he deserved.”

Don’t Put Your Claim On The Back Burner

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Don’t put your case on hold! Delays can minimize your claim, and our expert personal injury attorneys can help. Jaime called right after his accident, and Premier Law Group was with him for every step of the process. We handled all the minutia and maximized his settlement, so he could focus on getting better. Give us a call for a FREE consultation, we would be happy to see how we can help!