Thurston County sheriffs had a busy day last Friday, keeping streets in the lower Puget Sound area safe. As a Tacoma car accident attorney, news of 3 arrests on suspicion of DUIs in one day, in a rather small county, made me pretty disgusted. One DUI is too many, let alone three. It goes to show just how much more work those of us who fight to reduce drinking and driving have to do.

The first accident occurred in the Rochester area around 5 p.m. on Thursday when a 58-year-old man rolled his 1998 Ford Explorer while attempting to negotiate a curve. The driver was ejected from his car and airlifted to Harborview, where he is expected to recover quickly from his injuries. Police suspect the man was drunk driving, and they took a blood sample at the scene of the accident.

The second accident happened early Friday morning, when a 26-year-old woman ran a stop sign and drove right into a power pole. The force of the accident sheared the pole off its base, and the street where the accident occurred was closed for four hours. She was arrested on drunk driving charges.

The third accident was caused by a 22-year-old man in Yelm, where he also hit a power pole, knocking it off its base. The man received minor injuries and was arrested at the scene for suspicion of drunk driving.

These three accidents are prime examples of why drunk driving is incredibly dangerous. Even when intoxicated drivers don’t injure others, they put themselves at great risk, and can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. If you are a victim in of a drunk-driving accident, I urge you to reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer like myself so you can be compensated for your damages.

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