The overwhelming statistics about distracted driving are what motivated me to create the program “Teens Against Distracted Driving” in the first place. As a car accident attorney and Seattle personal injury lawyer, I’m making a strong effort to inform the public of the potential dangers that face drivers on the road. These dangers aren’t always as obvious as drunk driving or bad weather conditions. Rather, I’m talking about the dangerous actions that drivers perform, but aren’t even aware of. Distracted driving was responsible for 20% of the injury crashes reported in 2009 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

Three people were injured in an Auburn auto accident most likely caused by some form of distracted driving on Tuesday, February 8th. An SUV was driving near 8th and Harvey Road NE at around 3:00pm when it rear ended a school bus. A passenger vehicle directly ahead of the bus was also impacted by the accident. The hood of the SUV was trapped beneath the bus as the driver was extricated from the vehicle and transported to Harborview Medical Center. The female bus driver was also injured along with a passenger in the vehicle ahead of the bus. Both victims were taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

 Auburn Bus Crash

Thousands of people are killed every year and hundreds of thousands more are injured because of distracted driving. Drivers almost always have their cell phones within arm’s reach when they are operating a motor vehicle, but this can be very dangerous. Laws have been passed and wireless Bluetooth devices have been developed to prevent the unnecessary distraction of talking on a cell phone while driving. Now, the only question is how do we encourage people to follow these laws and use these devices?

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