$325,000 Car Accident Settlement for this Mother of Four in Bellevue

A Million-Dollar Insurance Policy and a $325,000 Car Accident Settlement for this Mother of Four in Bellevue

$325,000 Car Accident Settlement for this Mother of Four in BellevueBeing injured in an accident is a very difficult experience. This was the experience of one of our clients. Tracy is a 37-year-old mother of two and stepmother of two. She’s also the caregiver for her mother and a full-time real estate appraiser trainee. She loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, swimming, and more. Tracy was in a car accident on Interstate-5. She was rear-ended by another car that was rear-ended by a semi-truck. This chain reaction crash left the liability with the driver of the semi-truck.

Chain Reaction Injury

Neck Injury Settlement CaseAs a result of this accident, Tracy suffered a herniated disc for which she needed surgery. Subsequently, this affected Tracy’s ability to care for her children, step-children, and her mother. In addition, she was also unable to continue her training as a real estate appraiser. Added to not being able to care for her family and perform her job duties, other parts of her life were affected. Tracy could no longer enjoy the outdoor activities that she enjoyed before the accident.


Luckily for her, Tracy contacted the Premier Law Group of Bellevue immediately after her accident. Our team worked with her to win a $325,000 settlement. Thankfully, Tracy was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle (semi-truck) with a million-dollar insurance policy. Consequently, she was compensated for her injuries, her loss of work, and her loss of enjoyment. This high limit policy was a blessing in disguise for Tracy because most privately owned vehicles do not have limits that high.


What Tracy Did to Win Her Car Accident Settlement

  1. Tracy contacted the Premier law group of Bellevue immediately after her accident. This allowed her to focus solely on her recovery and to leave all of the legal actions to us. We took care of every aspect of Tracy’s case and allowed her to enjoy the time with her family and recover.
  2. Tracy also followed her doctor’s orders and very precisely. Because she did this it allowed her and Premier Law Group to avoid any exclusions from the insurance agency. Often, when the doctor’s orders are not followed, insurance agencies try to get out of paying bills and payments in settlements. 

How This Accident Affected Tracy’s Life

This accident forced Tracy to take a break from her real estate appraisal training. It also created a period of time where Tracy was unable to properly care for her family after her surgery. Once she recovered, however, Tracy was able to resume her training and continue caring for her family. This is the best outcome that we can hope for our clients that a personal injury is a momentary disruption in their lives. Not everyone is as lucky and you can learn more about different types of cases we cover here. 


How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?

Our expert Bellevue personal injury team worked with Tracy and the commercial insurance attorneys for close to two years before Tracy received her check. The length of time is often long in a car accident settlement because of the complexity and red-tape often involved in personal injury cases. Premier Law Group is here to help you with your personal injury case. Call us anytime to speak directly to a Seattle personal injury attorney and find out if you have a case. We offer free immediate consultations and our attorneys will let you know right away if you have a case or not.  

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