4.5 million dollars. That’s what it is going to cost to build a new overpass in Redmond. But get this: the overpass isn’t for cars. It’s not even for people. It’s for wildlife, and wildlife only. While we in the Pacific Northwest take nature very seriously, and love our wildlife, it’s hard to wrap our heads around a project that is going to cost $4.5 million and is essentially just a bridge for wild animals.

Looking into the project, it seems to make sense. There is a wildlife corridor that is bursting with activity, and is just on the edge of a busy road. Animals are constantly trying to cross the road, and of course, not all of them make it. However, opponents of the project have said that it is nothing but a waste of money. Backers say that a federal grant is paying for it in its entirety, and the payoff in the long run will be substantial. Not only will the lives of animals be saved, it’s predicted that the overpass will result in less car accidents, as cars will not feel compelled to take sudden action if they see an animal crossing the road.

If you find an animal in your path while driving, brake as necessary. Use your best judgment to determine whether you have enough time to stop and not hit the animal. Do not brake hard and suddenly if there are cars behind or around you. Do not swerve, regardless of the situation.

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