Five Tips For Dealing With The Insurance Company

It is stressful enough going through an accident on your Seattle commute, but when you are trying to deal with an insurance adjuster that is calling you every day, trying to get you to settle for less than you deserve, mistakes can be made. The danger in speaking to adjusters or signing anything they offer you is that whatever you say can be twisted and used against you. Here are five tips that will help make sure you don’t do something that hurts your case.

  1. Never talk to an insurance adjuster without first consulting an experienced Seattle personal injury attorney. They are experts at twisting words and can easily misconstrue your claims and use them against you later on. When they call, politely tell them that you will call back at a later time. An experienced accident lawyer has seen many car accident injury cases go to trial and understands what kind of testimonial will and won’t hurt your case.
  2. Insurance companies will try to minimize your suffering and injuries to keep down settlement costs. In some cases, they will even send you to an independent medical examiner, someone who gets paid top dollar by the insurance company to downplay your injuries and even make it seem as though some were pre-existing conditions. If this happens, contact Premier Law Group immediately for a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. You can also download our free special report on independent medical examinations from our website.
  3. Don’t sign anything unless instructed to do so by your attorney. This is extremely important. The insurance adjuster will try to get you to sign forms that can stop you from receiving the best possible settlement. Without the knowledge and experience of a seasoned Seattle personal injury attorney, you may be unwittingly signing away thousands of dollars in compensation for your injuries.
  4. When talking to anyone regarding your claim, such as your doctor or the insurance adjuster, always tell the truth. Do not exaggerate or understate your injuries. This will negatively impact your claim in the future.
  5. Always get promises in writing. Make sure that anytime the insurance adjuster calls to talk to you about your claim that you have them follow up in writing. This will ensure that the insurance company follows through with everything they tell you.

Before you talk to an adjuster or sign anything, read our free book

Following these steps will ensure that your case runs smoothly and will make it much more difficult for the insurance company to harass you. However, you can arm yourself with additional knowledge, and at no cost to you. Seasoned Seattle attorney Jason Epstein has written a free book for you, drawing upon his years of experience fighting the insurance companies on behalf of injury victims. In The Truth About Washington Auto Accidents, learn how to navigate the claims process, choose an attorney for your case, and even learn that you may not need a lawyer at all. Order this book free on our website.

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