$500,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Bellevue

$500,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Bellevue

Premier Law Group of Bellevue is honored to have won a $500,000 pedestrian accident settlement in Bellevue for Elsa W.  This case is a great lesson in car insurance limits and a story of never giving up. Elsa is an elderly woman in her 80s and she was crossing a crosswalk in Bellevue. Bellevue Pedestrian Accident AttorneysA car was making a left-hand turn and struck Elsa in the crosswalk. She had the right of way, however, this is a very common occurrence in pedestrian accidents. The second most common serious accident is a car is making right-hand turns. Drivers often strike people in the crosswalk because they’ve looked the other way but they haven’t seen the Pedestrian on their right.

Prior to her accident, Elsa lived with her son in a townhome. Because she was no longer as mobile as she used to be, after the accident she required extra care. Elsa could no longer go up and down the stairs. This required Elsa to have to move into an assisted living facility. This new living arrangement is much more expensive than living with her son. 

How Much Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Do You Need?

Washington State Underinsured Motorist Coverage RequirementsAs we mentioned at the beginning of this story, this case is a great lesson in auto insurance limits. There are no minimum uninsured/underinsured motorist requirements for Washington state. Thankfully, Elsa had a $250,000 uninsured/underinsured motorist on her auto insurance. This means that Elsa’s own auto insurance policy covered her injuries even though she was hit as a pedestrian. Premier Law Group of Bellevue was also able to collect $250,000 from the other driver’s bodily injury portion of their auto insurance policy. This is a very rare case where Elsa and the other driver also had high limits for their policies.  As you can see, it was a huge blessing for Elsa.  Her new need for assisted living is expensive and without both parties having these high limits, Elsa would have nothing. 

The biggest takeaway of this story is to get the most underinsured/underinsured motorist coverage that you can afford because even as a pedestrian, your auto insurance will cover you. 

Elsa Did Not Have to Pay Her Medical Bills

Made whole Doctrine Washington StateAnother interesting part of Elsa’s case is that she did not end up having to pay back any of her medical bills. Our expert Personal Injury Lawyers were able to invoke the “Made Whole Doctrine”. This doctrine in Washington State says subsequently if there is not enough money in the settlement to make you whole then you do not have to pay your medical bills. In Elsa’s case, because she will require ongoing care and assisted living for the rest of her life, our Attorneys were able to help Elsa to retain more of her settlement money to continue her care and quality of life. 

Having an Experienced Persistent Attorney to Fight for you Will Make a Difference…

If Premier Law Group had not been involved to help Elsa with her pedestrian-car accident settlement, she would probably have given up! We often see clients giving up because insurance companies will not produce documents, respond to inquiries, or even cover the things that they need to cover. This particular case took 6 months of our team sending letters to the insurance company to even get them to look at the case. We went through five adjusters and we got what we call “the corporate run around”. If you do not have an expert team of Personal Injury Attorneys on your side like Elsa, you may give up too!  Give us a chance to fight for you and your future. Call us now to speak directly to a Personal Injury Lawyer now.

Don’t Settle With the Insurance Company Without Calling Us First

Don't Settle with the Insurance company before you call Premier Law GroupThe reality is that insurance companies will often request to settle for a few thousand dollars. They may also offer to cover whatever immediate medical expenses you have when you first go to the emergency room. However, there are many ongoing expenses that you’re not even aware of that will come up even years later. Do not settle for what the insurance company offers you.  The sooner you call us so we can give you a free case review, the better. You call to us doesn’t cost a dime and could save you years of hassle, aggravation, and help you get the settlement you deserve.

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Our team is so happy to have been able to help Elsa to recover the money that she needed to change her lifestyle and living arrangements after this accident.  Knowing that she is well cared for is the reason Premier Law Group does what we do.  Fighting to help people get the settlements they need and deserve is very important to our mission and values.