Seven months ago, Austin Porter was in a motorcycle accident that left him with serious injuries. His motorcycle was run over while he was waiting for a stop light at 3rd and Pine. He was caught in the undercarriage of a “Duck,” a tourist vehicle that transports holiday makers on an amphibious tour of Seattle. The tires of the large vehicle ran over Porter’s body. His injuries included a broken pelvis and torn ligaments, and the medical bills over the last seven months have totaled more than $500,000. Porter is now filing suit against “Ride the Ducks of Seattle” for unspecified damages. His recovery is ongoing, with physical therapy twice a week.

Being a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney has taught me just how dangerous a crash like this can be. Without the protection of a vehicle around them, a motorcycle rider is much more likely to sustain a serious injury in an accident. That is why it is so important to be alert and undistracted when behind the wheel. The minute you take your attention off the road, you put yourself and everyone around you on the road at risk. There are lots of distractions available to us in modern vehicles, but the most common and maybe the most dangerous is the cell phone. Texting or talking, you are distracted from the business of driving when you are using it. Put down the phone while you drive, and you just might be saving a life.

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