Air Bags Prevent Kidney Injury | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

After spending several years as a Kent auto accident attorney and helping the victims of serious  auto accidents recover, I have witnessed the massive injuries a severe car crash can cause. The ability of seat belts to prevent severe injuries have been known for years, but a new study shows that in addition to protecting an auto accident victim from head trauma, and serious external  injuries, seat belts may also help protect drivers from life-threatening internal injuries.

According to a new study by the Harborview Injury Prevention Research Center seat belts may help prevent renal injuries, or severe kidney injury. The research center compared data from auto accidents from 1996-2008 which involved kidney injury. In total, the data compiled included 2,864 people which was 1/3 of all the renal injury patients during that time period. The data implied that of those involved in serious auto accidents there was a significantly greater chance of walking away without kidney injury If the vehicle was equipped with airbags. In fact, you were 45 percent less likely to be inflicted with kidney injury if front airbags were present.

Individuals with front airbags experienced kidney trauma 3.4 percent of the time compared with 7.5 percent of those without front airbags.

Out of the data, however, the majority of injury victims, 64 percent,  were not wearing seat-belts at the time of the car crash. The use of seat-belts may make a difference in the number of renal injury sustained. Side airbags also failed to deploy in most of the accidents which also may have an effect on the results.

Armrest or door panels are often the cause of kidney injury in an auto accident. When the kidney is hit with a blunt, force such as the hard mass of an arm rest the kidney may be damaged or shut down entirely from the injury. Kidneys serve many functions in the body including removing waste and toxins and regulating blood oxygen levels. If a kidney injury is left untreated it may result in severe complications later on including , , , , , , ,

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