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Man Tasered for Being by His Own Car | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer

You would hope that you wouldn’t get Tasered when trying to get into your own car, but that is exactly what happened to Jerry Cox in Santa Barbara, California last month. Cox was standing by his SUV when he was approached by a Santa Barbara police officer. The police officer reportedly thought that Cox was […]

Spokane Smokers Face Tickets | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer

Smokers in Spokane are running out of options, and quickly. The Spokane Transit Authority recently took away the only designated smoking area at the STA Plaza, leaving bus-riding smokers with hardly any options. And now they could really pay for that. The Spokane City Council has given the go-ahead to police to write smokers tickets […]

Social Media Catches Criminals | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. These are just a few of countless social media sites that are out in cyberspace these days. Users flock to them several times a day: uploading pictures and videos, checking into locations, posting statuses long and short. How long do you pause before deciding to make a move on social media? […]

The Fierce Competition for Financial Aid | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer

A lot of college students experience frustration when it comes to applying for financial aid. The forms are long and tedious and sometimes the payout is less than satisfactory. Especially for those in the middle class, who aren’t quite qualified for big payouts, but whose families take a notable financial blow when sending their kids […]