6 Ways to Avoid Personal Injuries at Concerts in Washington

For many people, going to concerts is a pastime. You may travel the state, country, or even the world to get to that long-awaited show and see that artist that will make it all worth it. However, through all the music and excitement, there’s always the potential to get hurt. Concert venues, while typically large, are often packed to the brim with writhing bodies dancing wildly, unconcerned about other participants’ safety. 

Regular concert attendees know that without the proper knowledge and plan, you may come away with more than just memories of a great night out. As you embark on Washington’s upcoming concerts, keep in mind how you can avoid sustaining a personal injury and ruining your time. However, if you ever sustain a personal injury while attending a concert, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer about recovering compensation for your suffering. 

How to Avoid Personal Injuries at Concerts

Amazingly, not too many people receive injuries from concerts; even the rowdier ones. That being said, you can take action to reduce your chances of getting injured at a concert in Washington. 

Skip the Subpar Venues

The underlying key to a successful event is a well-prepared venue. Concert venues are required to adhere to specific safety regulations. If you notice that the venue you are attending is lacking in certain areas, such as being short-staffed, lacking security, not checking for weapons, and unaddressed property hazards, it may be better to skip the concert altogether.

Locate All the Exits and Security Staff

One of the first things you should do when attending a large event is to look around and make sure you know where all the exits are located and the location of the security staff and any medics. In an emergency, you want to be able to access emergency services quickly. It is always a good idea to have an emergency exit game plan in place should you need to evacuate the area.  

Stay Away From Areas Where a Crowd Could Crush You

Some of the most terrifying hazards you could encounter at a concert are stampedes, crowd crushes, and crowd collapses. These catastrophic events often occur when too many people crowd around each other and often result in severe injuries and deaths. 

They may cause you to asphyxiate from the pressure of being pressed against a wall or barricade, or you could fall and get trampled. Hence, do not enter small spaces and avoid any areas that appear to be overcrowded.

Refrain From Excessive Intoxication

Everyone attends a concert to enjoy themselves, which often entails consuming alcohol and perhaps even using recreational drugs. However, it is best to refrain from being excessively intoxicated while at a concert. You want to have fun but also remain aware in case of an emergency or any other situation where you may need to act fast or think quickly. 

Stay Away From Rowdy Crowds

A large part of staying safe at a concert is being aware of your surroundings, including your fellow concertgoers. Some people attend the concert without being mindful of their behavior and how it affects others. Try your best to avoid any aggressive people or any groups that appear to be unruly. Their behavior could potentially ignite an unpleasant situation that may put those around them at risk.

Always Have a Friend Nearby

Like in any situation that involves a large space or crowds of people, it is safest to use the buddy system. Having a friend or partner by your side wherever you go is a good way to ensure that somebody is around to help if you get into trouble. 

In an emergency, your friend can make important phone calls to 911, your family, or any other friends attending the concert with you. Having a friend nearby is also helpful if anyone in your party gets lost.

Consult an Experienced Washington Personal Injury Attorney

Amid the spectacle of a concert, accidents are likely to happen to some people, and you could walk away with an injury. When concertgoers suffer severe injuries or even lose their lives, it is often a result of preventable circumstances. Gross negligence may have had a hand if you sustained a personal injury at a concert. Consult the knowledgeable legal staff at Premier Law Group to help you with the proper legal guidance needed to pursue your claim. 

Pursuing compensation for a concert injury can be difficult. Numerous defendants may be involved, such as the venue owners, artists, security, staff, and more. We have dedicated our services to countless victims in filing claims and negotiating a fair settlement, and we also charge no fees to you unless we win your case. Even if you waived liabilities by attending the event, a liability waiver is not a viable defense against gross negligence. Call (206) 880-7518 to schedule a consultation right away, or use our contact form

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