The parents of 11-month-old Fiona Kearney could not be happier that their daughter is safe and uninjured after she was hit by a car while on a walk with her nanny last night. Fiona was riding in her stroller as her nanny, Ahri Aho, pushed her across the crosswalk. That’s when a driver plowed through the crosswalk, sending Aho onto the hood of the vehicle. Fiona’s stroller was flipped onto its side. Fortunately, Aho had properly secured the baby into her stroller, and the straps held her in. Aho is thankful that she only suffered from a few bruises and nothing serious.

However, people in the Kearney’s neighborhood of Mount Baker in Seattle are saying that accidents like this are inexcusable and all too common. People do not pay attention as they drive in the area, and are constantly running stop signs and not looking at intersections. Some believe that blinking crosswalk lights or a possible traffic light are necessary to keep residents safe.

Pedestrians face dangers no matter where they walk. Crosswalks are not 100% foolproof. Here are some tips for staying safe as a pedestrian:

• Cross at marked crosswalks and intersections. This is where drivers most expect to encounter pedestrians.
• Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible.
• Check for cars turning before beginning to cross. Pedestrians and drivers making a turn usually have green lights at the same time.
• Make sure the drivers see you before crossing. Make eye contact.
• If you must walk on a road with no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road.
• Be especially cautious and alert at night. Most fatal pedestrian accidents happen between 6 PM and 12 AM.
• Don’t cross between two parked cars.
• Do not dart out or run into the street.
• Do not cross when you have the “don’t walk” signal.
• Never assume that a car will stop for you.

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