Bicyclist Hit on Lake Washington Boulevard South | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Bicycle accidents seem to be on the up-and-up with the nice weather frequenting the greater Seattle area. This afternoon, a 59-year-old bicyclist was injured after he collided with a car. He was traveling on Lake Washington Boulevard South. Luckily, he was not critically injured and is expected to live, but he does have some serious rib injuries. Firefighters were nearby when the crash occurred, and responded quickly, taking the man to Harborview Medical Center. A drug-recognition expert evaluated the driver of the vehicle but reports on their condition have not been made.

Thankfully, the man riding the bike was wearing his helmet. Had he not been, his injuries could have been much worse. Please, as bicyclists, exercise extreme caution when riding, especially on busy roads. And drivers, look out for bicyclists and remember that they do not have a metal cage protecting them as you do.

Cyclists, keep these tips in mind while riding:
• Choose your route carefully. Not all roads are safe for cyclists.
• Be flexible with your road position. Ride predictably and do not weave in and out of traffic.
• Learn to use your brakes effectively. Use your rear brake to stop more effectively on slippery roads, but in most other cases, use your front brake first.
• Make yourself visible. Lighting and reflective clothing are worthwhile investments.

We wish the injured bicyclist a speedy recovery and safe riding from here on out!