Facial Fracture Injuries

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For the most part, airbags do their job in protecting the driver and passenger of a vehicle, but can sometimes cause severe facial trauma. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have seen a lot of accidents lead to head injuries that can seriously disfigure the face. There is not always something that an innocent driver can do to avoid somebody that is reckless on the road, but to reduce the chance of being in an accident, it is important to always be aware of road conditions and the other drivers on it.

The face is extremely complex, with 14 bones making up the jaw, nose, and skull. Because it protrudes from the face, the nose is the most vulnerable area in the event of an auto accident. The force of the face hitting a dashboard or deployed airbag can oftentimes result in a broken nose. Anyone who sustains an injury like this should seek immediate medical help, because a fracture may obstruct the nasal septum, which will block the airway and can cause difficulty breathing. Depending on the extent of the injury, a fracture may result in disfiguration of the nose.

In high-speed auto accidents, there is the potential for greater facial trauma than just the nose. I have seen many accident victims sustain injuries that result in the loss of teeth, cuts and bruises, trauma to the brain, broken jawbone and fractures in the facial structure.

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The blunt force to the head that causes facial trauma can immediately lead to swelling in the injured area, pain, bruising, bleeding and numbness. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention right away. The various treatments that are recommended for facial fractures are hot and cold packs to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Surgery may be required for more severe facial trauma.