Federal Way Resident T-Boned In Auto Accident

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Premier Law Group is proud to have helped Forrest R after he was injured in an auto accident. Forrest was driving to his home in Federal Way from Puyallup when he was T-boned. Not only did his injuries hinder his daily life, but Forrest was getting tough resistance from the insurance company. Good thing Forrest decided to call the Premier Law Group team.

T-bone Auto Accident In Puyallup

T-BonedMost people don’t anticipate being T-boned. While driving home from his work in Puyallup, Forrest sure didn’t. As he was cruising to his home in Federal Way, suddenly another driver started pulling out in front of him. He swerved to the left to dodge the other vehicle, but it was too late. The other driver had already began pulling far enough out and T-boned the side of Forrest’s car.

Lucky for Forrest his injuries weren’t life threatening. He strained several muscles in his neck and back. He also had some injuries to his shoulder wrist and fingers. Accidents like this are all too common unfortunately. A simple misread of a car’s speed or direction can lead to an auto accident in a split second. But once the damage is done, now what? Where do you go from here?

Always See A Doctor After You’ve Been In An Accident

T-BonedThe first thing you should always do after leaving the scene of an auto accident is to go to a doctor and get looked at. Too many people don’t see their healthcare provider because they don’t think they’re injured bad enough. The problem with that is often some injuries don’t reveal themselves right away. When this is the case and people haven’t seen a doctor or gotten treatment for their injuries, it is very hard to prove that they were caused by the accident.

The challenge with Forrest’s case was just this scenario. After he was T- boned, he didn’t see a doctor right away or get treatment. After a couple weeks though, Forrest knew he needed to begin getting treatment for his injuries, however this had already damaged the value of his claim since he had waited so long.

The insurance Adjusters were claiming that Forrest’s injuries couldn’t have been very bad being that he waited to see a doctor. Their argument wasn’t invalid, however Forrest just didn’t know the importance of getting treatment right away. If it weren’t for Premier Law Group’s experienced auto accident lawyers, Forrest would have only received a fraction of the settlement we fought for to recover for him.

How The Accident Affected Forrest’s Life

T-BonedUp to the time of the accident, Forrest was an avid gamer with his friends and family. He was also looking at homes with his fiancé. With his injuries, Forrest was unable to play games with his friends and family for several months while he recovered. With the added stress of his injuries and need for treatments, this also put a hold on their looking for a new home with all the uncertainties of what lied ahead.

Kristi was a godsend” said Forrest when asked about his experience working with us. “She walked me through every step of the way and answered all my questions. I never felt like I was alone and knew that her and the team had my back”.

If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident, Call Premier Law Group

Our mission at Premier Law Group will always be to fight for those who were wrongfully injured. The difference between you being fairly compensated for your injuries and losses and being left with the bills should never be left up to the insurance adjusters. Not if we can help it.

If you or someone you love was injured in an auto accident, give us a call! We will fight against the tactics the insurance adjusters use to minimize your claim, while you just focus on getting better! Call Premier Law Group 206-285-1743