The Shocking Truth About Lawyer Advertising

There Are Problems With Lawyer Advertising In Washington State

The Shocking Truth About Lawyer Advertising In WashingtonThe reality is that lawyer advertising in Washington State is out of control. We’re not saying that lawyers advertise too much. We’re saying that some lawyers advertise the wrong messages. These messages are designed to get as many clients as possible with no regard for consumer needs and interests.

You’ve probably seen some of these messages…

  • “Settlement in 30 days or less”
  • “No office appointments and no court!”
  • “100 years of combined experience”
  • “We’re the law firm that cares about you”

“Full-service law firm”

There are many more. This kind of advertising can have terribly negative consequences for the consumer (as well as the lawyers who actually care about their clients). Inside this book you’ll discover why.

Why We Wrote A Book About Lawyer Advertising In Washington

At Premier Law Group, education is a big part of our mission. In fact, we believe it is a lawyer’s duty to assist people by giving good, useful, and helpful information in their moments of need. We want to make sure that everyone who contacts us becomes more informed about their legal options, whether we represent them or not. That’s why we wrote a book about lawyer adverting in Washington and give it away freely.

Naturally, some lawyers don’t like that we wrote this book on lawyer advertising because it shares insider secrets that they don’t want consumers to know. That’s okay – we don’t care what these lawyers think. We’re giving the unfiltered truth about lawyer advertising in Washington State so consumers can learn to make better decisions about their legal options.

In This Book, You’ll Discover:

  • Myths about lawyers and lawyer advertising in Washington
  • That not all lawyers have the same training
  • The truth about lawyers who advertise a wide variety of practice areas (including shocking real-life stories)
  • Why some lawyers won’t go to trial and why this is bad for their clients
  • How to tell the difference between a lawyer who advertises expertise and a lawyer who has expertise
  • A system for finding the right lawyer for your case
  • And a lot more

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