Buckley Car Accident Leaves Two Injured

As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have found that driving late at night and early in the morning presents added dangers that make driving less safe. There are a number of risks that are presented by driving when the sun is down. One of the most obvious problems is the fact that there is less light to guide the way. Many car accidents occur late at night or early in the morning because a road is poorly lit or has no lights at all. Another common cause of late night accidents is sleepiness. Driving while tired makes it much more difficult to concentrate on the road ahead one-car and can lead to momentary lapses in consciousness that cause a driver to swerve off the road or into oncoming traffic. One more added risk is the fact that there are more drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol than during the day. All of these factors combined make driving at night riskier in general than during the day.

Earlier today, there was a one car accident just outside of Buckley, WA, that injured both the driver and passenger. The accident occurred around 12:45 a.m., when the driver of a Chevrolet Camaro veered into a guardrail while heading Eastbound on SR 410. The accident totaled the Camaro and sent both occupants to a hospital – the driver to St. Elizabeth in Enumclaw, and the passenger to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Their conditions are currently unknown, as is the cause of the crash.

We hope both occupants of the crashed vehicle have full and speedy recoveries and their families are alright as well. Unfortunately, accidents like these happen a lot and are usually preventable. The most important thing someone can do if they are considering driving late at night or early in the morning is be 100% positive that they are awake and aware and will be for the whole drive. It is also essential that the car lights are working as well, because many side streets have very poor lighting. For more information on how to handle an auto accident, check out some of the articles we have written on the subject or get my free book, “The Truth About Washington Auto Accidents” by clicking on the preceding link.