Burien City Council Votes Red Light Cameras Out | Burien Car Accident Lawyer

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I know that anything that can be done to curb the number or severity of accidents is a positive thing.  A number of our municipalities around Seattle, including Burien, have installed red light cameras in recent years.  According to a report at KOMOnews.com, the city of Burien has decided to take its red light cameras down.  City officials thought that the cameras would help lessen the number of traffic accidents, but now believe that that has not happened.  The city council voted recently, in light if the fact that the number of accidents has not decreased, to get rid of the cameras.

Every year there are millions of traffic accidents in the country.  Most of these accidents result in property damage only, with no injuries or fatalities, but with costs reaching well into the billions of dollars, anything that can be done to decrease the frequency or severity of crashes is a good thing.  It is too bad that the experiment with red light cameras did not seem to work out as a tool for cutting down on traffic collisions.  Of course, what may be needed in the end to cut back on traffic accidents is simply for drivers as a whole to focus more on their driving than we do, and for each of us to pay attention to what we are doing while we drive.  There are many distractions inherent to driving, and as a society we need to focus more on our driving and less on the distractions that we create for ourselves.

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