Child Care Injuries in Washington

Choosing child care in Seattle

At Premier Law Group, we know how important choosing child care is. Unfortunately, we have helped many parents deal with their child’s injuries as well. However, this is not to say that it is your fault should your child be injured while in someone else’s care. This also does not mean you did not do your due diligence in finding a safe place for your child either.

Here are some tips to think about when choosing child care:

  • Be sure that the care center has a license
  • Make sure the daycare provider has met the standards of voluntary care
  • Become familiar with the staff
  • Find out the staff to child ratio
  • Be sure the environment is suitable for your child and their needs
  • Ask questions about the activities the center conducts throughout the day
  • Visit facilities unannounced before you decide which facility to choose

If your child has been injured at a daycare center or you have any questions about choosing child care, call 206.285.1743 today.  Our dedicated Seattle attorneys can help you navigate your situation.

Washington State Child Care Laws

Child care has different regulations in each state. Regulations can differ depending on the city and county as well. In Washington, the Department of Social and Health Services, and the Department of Children, Youth, and Families license child care centers. Other types of regulations, such as zoning, building, and health codes, may also apply to child care facilities.

Furthermore, child care facilities undergo inspections before receiving a license. Once a center is open, further inspections will take place to ensure that the facility is still meeting the requirements and making sure that the children are safe.

Early Achievers

Early Achievers uses a rating system to help families when they are choosing child care in Washington.  The system also helps families understand how their child care provider’s quality changes. It provides families with information about the quality of daycare centers and programs so you can feel confident when choosing child care.

Furthermore, Early Achievers acts as a framework for improving the quality of early care in Washington.  Their goal is to ensure that:

  • Children have the access they need to high-quality early learning experiences. This will help them develop the skills to be successful in school and beyond.
  • Parents can find good child care that fits their needs.
  • Daycare staff and employees have access to the resources and support they need to provide quality care that supports each child’s learning and development.

Early Achievers aims to bring families, early learning professionals, and resources together to support each child’s learning and development.

Early Achievers also gives daycare centers a level to track their progress. In Level 1, daycare providers must meet licensing requirements. Licensed staff are then trained in child development, first aid and CPR.  Furthermore, staff will undergo background checks. In Level 2, facilities will participate in quality improvement. These centers are using training to work toward meeting Early Achievers Quality Standards and program requirements. Once centers reach levels 3 – 5, they demonstrate quality through an on-site assessment based on interactions between teachers and children.

Quality Rating and Improvement System

Similar to Early Achievers, the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a system meant to evaluate and rate daycares and preschools.  However, this system looks at child care centers across many different states in the US. These ratings provide information about the child care facility’s qualifications, general quality standards, whether they participate in QRIS, and their ranking.  Furthermore, the QRIS can provide information for parents or guardians when choosing child care, who want to give their children the best possible care and experience.

Child Care Statistics in Washington

According to Child Care Aware Washington, over 14,500 families with over 20,100 children were referred to child care providers.  Additionally, about half of the children needing care were under 3 years old.  Furthermore, about 62% of families reported they were single parent families.  This is an increase from previous years.

Contact an Experienced Washington Child Care Accident Lawyer

Experienced Seattle attorney Patrick Kang helping a client

Child injury cases can be complex.  Especially when it comes to liability and negligence. In cases of child injury, child abuse or neglect, a facility has a lot to lose if they are proven to be at fault. Oftentimes, child injury cases are not the result of a staff member meaning to cause harm to a child. For example, the case may be that the daycare provider has children playing on equipment that is not the right size for the children. It’s also possible that the supervision was not adequate or that games that could lead to harm were being played.

These types of events result in injuries even though there is no harm that was meant. At Premier Law Group, our experienced attorneys are here to answer any child care accident questions guardians’ and parents’ have. Call 206.285.1743 today for a free case review. Remember, there is no fee unless we win or settle your case.