Insurance Company Secrets

expert personal injury lawyers in SeattleInsurance adjusters have a job to do.  They want to make as much money as possible, and the system is not stacked in your favor. However, knowing more about the tactics insurance companies use can improve your chances of winning a case against them. If you have serious injuries, find an experienced Seattle injury attorney. You deserve to have a lawyer who knows the tactics and insurance company secrets that adjusters use to avoid paying fair compensation.

Although not every injury case will need a lawyer, it always helps to be better informed of your rights. At Premier Law Group, we aim to inform all of our clients of their rights. See what our past clients have to say here. Call us at 206.285.1743 to speak directly with one of our attorneys.


Insurers know that injury victims are often in a financial pinch. For most people suffering from serious injuries, lost income is devastating. This financial pinch can threaten family security. Even those with health insurance and a working spouse can face financial harm, potential credit damage, and other serious problems.

Defendants and insurance companies know that the longer they delay, the more desperate the injured person grows. As life becomes more difficult, the threat of the loss of a home, or difficulty paying bills grows. Consequently, chances increase that the injured person will give up and settle the case for less than what they deserve. Knowing what to expect and methods of coping with the delay increase the chances that the settlement will be a fair one.

Delaying your consultation with an attorney can lead to missed deadlines or lost evidence. This information can help your case. Contact Premier Law Group today to begin your free case review.

Requests For Unnecessary Information

As a case finishes, many insurance adjusters claim to need, “one last piece,” of documentation to finish their evaluation. Usually, this just further delays the case.

It is also important to know that the injured person does not have to sign every medical release form presented to them. They also do not have to turn over every piece of information requested. Knowing what is reasonable and what is unreasonable is vital. This often requires the experience of a skilled personal injury lawyer.

If the injured person is not aware of when to say “no,” they will often experience greater abuse. At Premier Law Group, we have seen insurance companies request documents that are decades old which have nothing to do with the injury at hand. These requests are baseless, and agreeing to the wrong ones can delay a worthwhile case.

Misrepresentation of Insurance Benefits

Most often, the insurance company does not have to disclose their policy limits. It is important, however, to know how to confirm that the alleged insurance policy benefits are accurate. There are a number of ways to do this.  Although it is not guaranteed, the following are ways that increase the chances of determining compensation:

  • having the adverse driver sign an affidavit
  • getting asset checks performed
  • checking insurance company documents
  • getting certified copies of declaration of policy limits

Insurance Companies Act Like Your Friend

Couple frustrated with their insurance coverageSome adjusters are very nice. While some will try to deceive a claimant, many work honestly. However, it is important to remember that the insurance adjuster is not a friend. They have a job to do that is against your best interests.

It is the adjuster’s job to report that they settled your case for the least amount of money. If an adjuster agreed to pay every injured person what they thought was fair and reasonable, the adjuster would not keep their job for very long.

Furthermore, if an adjuster comes to your house or promises to pay your future medical expenses, beware. This is often an empty promise that will be used to trick you into thinking you are dealing with a company you can trust.  However, later you will learn it was an attempt to prevent you from hiring the best injury attorney you could for your case.

In truth, insurance company secrets and tactics are very successful. People lose their rights by waiting too long or making too many mistakes. Meanwhile, they are waiting for that reasonable payment which never comes.

Requests to Sign Forms

When an adjuster asks you to sign forms, it is sometimes in order to gather information.  Often, they have a reasonable right to seek this information. However, forms which require a claimant’s signature sometimes cause that individual to lose their rights. Other times, this can lead to the collection of useless information the insurance company uses against you.

At Premier Law Group, we almost never have our clients sign these forms. You should never sign forms from an insurance company without approval from your experienced lawyer. Before signing a form, ask the adjuster to state, in writing, why they want the forms signed and what they plan to do with the documentation. Ask them to provide documentation that the forms will never be used against you in a deposition or at settlement. The adjuster will almost never agree to that. They are just hoping to find information to use against you.

Requests For a Recorded Statement

Never give a recorded statement unless a skilled Seattle insurance claim attorney supports that decision. If you are thinking of giving a recorded statement, ask the adjuster if they will provide a copy of the liable party’s recorded statement. You should also ask for a copy of witness statements that were taken. However, even under those circumstances, giving a recorded statement is a bad idea.

One of many well known insurance company secrets is that insurance companies want a recorded statement to twist your words. When you provide an honest statement, they can use it against you at a later date. If the adjuster just wants to know what happened, they shouldn’t insist on a recorded statement.

Contact Premier Law Group: The Experts Against Insurance Company Secrets

Best auto accident lawyers in Seattle Bellevue and Federal WayAt Premier Law Group, we hear all the time that victims let so much time go by after an injury because they were told they didn’t need an attorney. It’s important to consult with a Seattle personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you need to hire one or that your case even needs one.  However, speaking with an experienced lawyer can help make sure you don’t miss deadlines or give information to the insurance company that is unnecessary.

Insurance companies are out to make money. They spend millions of dollars coming up with ways to process claims so they are profitable. Don’t risk your case by going in blind.

Allowing these insurance company secrets to work could take away the reimbursement that can allow someone to get back on their feet after a terrible accident.

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