Broken Pelvis

Broken pelvis injury lawyers in Seattle Renton Bellevue and Federal WayA broken pelvis injury can result from a motor vehicle accident due to the significant weight and impact of such a collision. These injuries can even be life threatening if an infection results from the injury. It is possible for other injuries to be born out of a broken pelvis as well. Furthermore, in medical terms, this is often known as an acetabulum fracture.

A broken pelvis is a very serious injury, which can result from not only car accidents, but also slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents and any other type of motor vehicle collision. As Seattle broken pelvis attorneys, we have also come across many pedestrians or cyclists who are hit by automobiles and sustain a these injuries.

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Broken Pelvis Due to Negligence

Some of the more common causes of a broken pelvis are:

Usually, motor vehicle collisions and slip and fall accidents are the most common reasons that people sustain a broken pelvis. When a surface is slippery or poorly lit, people can fall as well.  This often ends up in an injury. While older people sustain injury to their pelvis much more easily, young people and teenagers do also. A broken pelvis is very difficult to heal and almost always requires surgery. However, if a person is too old, the doctor might avoid surgery.

Most often, the effects of broken pelvis injuries are permanent. If you sustain this type of injury, you are entitled to collect full and fair compensation from the at-fault party as well. This includes future medical bills, future lost wages and also pain and suffering.

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Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Doctors in Seattle doing surgery on a broken pelvisIf you have swelling, bruising, pain, or discomfort around your pelvis, it is possible that it is  fractured. Depending on the cause of your injury, you should see a doctor immediately. If you have been involved in a serious accident, it is also important to let a doctor examine you.  You should also let the doctor know about any pain you have in your pelvis area. The doctor will try to diagnose whether or not you need surgery. Typically, surgery comes after certain diagnostic tests. Doctors also usually prescribe pain medication for a broken pelvis, as they can be very painful.

The prognosis of a fractured pelvis depends on each individual. The type of accident that caused your injury may make a difference on your prognosis as well. Age and health are also important factors in the prognosis of a broken pelvis. Each injury and each individual are unique.

These are things that you should discuss with your Seattle personal injury lawyer. Because a fractured pelvis is a very serious injury and will most likely be permanent, make sure that you hire the best Seattle personal injury lawyer that you can find. At Premier Law Group, we will help you navigate this situation.

How Do You Find the Best Lawyer for an Injury in Seattle?

If you or a loved one are suffering from a fractured or broken pelvis due to a car accident, it is important to find an experienced personal injury lawyer. Make sure the attorney has experience in broken pelvis injury cases in addition to other types of injuries. You may want to ask the attorney what type of law they practice as well. Furthermore, you may also want to know if the lawyer you are thinking of hiring has experience in motor vehicle accidents.

You should not hire just any attorney for your injury. This is a serious injury. It can lead to permanent complications and also be a possibly life altering injury. You want to be sure to hire the best lawyer that you can find.

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