Cash Cab Kills Pedestrian | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

The program “Cash Cab” capitalizes on a formula of surprise – random people in need of a taxi are unknowingly picked up by the Cash Cab to become a contestant in a quick game for prizes. On July 15th, however, it was a driver of one such cab in Vancouver that was surprised, and ultimately, very shaken. After finishing filming for the day, a member of Cash Cab’s technical staff was driving one of the program’s mock cabs back to its storage facility. On his drive through Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside district that evening, the cab struck and killed a 61-year-old pedestrian.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I recognize that there are various possible causes of this tragic pedestrian accident. The accident did not occur while the show was being taped, so it is possible that there were no extraneous circumstances that caused the accident. Until more is learned about the accident, it is important to avoid speculation, and remember that someone lost their life in the collision.

While the accident was not caused while filming, it tangentially calls into mind the premise of the show itself. For the audience of the show, it is easy to forget that the contestants and the host are weaving through heavy traffic and crowds of people in the downtown district of a large city. It is difficult to see how this could not be seen as a form of distracted driving, and may lead to some necessary changes to how the show runs.

For now, Vancouver P.C. Lindsey Houghton has said that no charges have been filed against Castlewood Productions Inc., which produces the Vancouver version of “Cash Cab”.

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