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Should You Hire an Attorney? | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not a certain case requires my services, or if it can be handled without a lawyer. This is an incredibly important question for anyone involved in an auto accident in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington. You don’t want to spend money on representation if that […]

Increasing Driver Safety- Raising the Driving Age| Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a million suggestions on how to reduce auto accidents and motorcycle accidents, also the injuries and deaths that accompany these accidents, but one that not many people have seemed to consider is raising the licensing age. For the more experienced generation (I know the teens out there are rolling their eyes and declaring us […]

Fatal Car Accident Teen Faces Charges| Seattle Car Accident Attorney

Having witnessed the dangers of the road as a car accident attorney, I am always apprehensive about teen drivers exploring their boundaries on the road. Many teenagers behave recklessly with their new found freedom and end up in fatal car accidents, particularly when teens mix alcohol and driving. This week a 17-year-old faces vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated […]