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Teen Car Accident Prevention| Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents plague our roadways on a daily bases leaving behind a destructive path of serious injury and death. There are hundreds of fatal car accidents every day in the United States; in fact, your chance of participating in one of these fatal car accidents in your lifetime is 1 in 75. Being an inexperienced teen […]

70-Year-Old Pedestrian Hit by Car | Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian collisions can be incredibly devastating, considering people on the street have almost no protection against automobiles. There were nearly 4,400 fatal pedestrian collisions in 2008, which means that the rate of pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 Americans was 1.54. There is some room for optimism, however, as pedestrian fatalities have been steadily decreasing over the […]

Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian | Snohomish County Wrongful Death Attorney

Hit-and-Run accidents and hit-and-run fatalities are some of the most tragic and devastating issues I have to work with as a Washington personal injury lawyer. But in fighting these cases, I pride myself in delivering justice to those that have been so wrongfully placed in these situations. This weekend in Everett, 45-year-old, Roberto Beltran, was […]