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Accident Prevention| Washington Wrongful Death lawyer

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer and Washington car crash attorney, I am constantly on the lookout for different driving tips to help make our roads safer. Dealing with clients everyday that have been in accidents involving distracted drivers or drunk drivers has given me some insight as to how we can best prepare ourselves […]

Prescription Drugs and Driving | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

Driving under the influence of prescription drugs With the consequences of drunk driving constantly in the limelight the equally disastrous nature of driving under the influence of drugs (druged driving) has been dismissed or ignored by many. Perpetrators of this offense often feel justified because they have a prescription, but the labels of such drugs […]

Ten Accident Prevention Tips for Seattle Drivers

Accident Prevention Tips

Accident Prevention Tips Millions of accidents occur in the United States every year. There are hundreds of reasons for these accidents — intoxication, drug abuse, talking on a cell phone, texting, fixing one’s hair, or being distracted by an accident nearby to name a few. The sad part is, you may not be the one […]

Two Injured in Port Orchard Motorcycle Collision| Port Orchard Car Accident Attorney

Many car accidents and motorcycle collisions are caused by uncontrollable road conditions. Each year, thousands of drivers are seriously injured in these catastrophic accidents. This past Saturday, two people suffered serious injury when a deer jumped in front of their motorcycle. The accident happened around 11 p.m. in Port Orchard. The motorcycle was going west […]