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Traumatic Brain Injuries vs. Concussions

| Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries, Personal Injury

By Premier Law Group’s consulting RN Having represented hundreds of personal injury cases in the Seattle area, the attorneys at Premier Law Group have witnessed first-hand the life-long consequences of head injuries including traumatic brain injuries and concussions for victims as well as their family and friends. Below is information to help identify if you […]

Eye Injuries Can Have Long-term Complications

| Other Injuries, Personal Injury

Eye injuries can immediately turn your world upside down. As experts in representing eye injury victims in the Seattle area, Premier Law Group understands the fears when facing an uncertain future due to vision impairment or loss. To help you and your loved ones make informed decisions after experiencing an eye injury, we want to […]

Nursing Home Negligence And The Coronavirus Outbreak In Kirkland

| News, Personal Injury

Kirkland Nursing Home Coronavirus Outbreak

For residents of a Kirkland nursing home, the place where they are supposed to feel most safe is a place that is threatening – and taking – their lives. Seattle area’s Life Care Center of Kirkland is the site of a devastating coronavirus outbreak that has made dozens of vulnerable people sick and worse. At […]

Personal Injury During a Pandemic: What to Do

| News, Personal Injury

coronavirus outbreak COVID-19

What should I do if I have a personal injury during this pandemic? In January of 2020, the Washington State Department of Health confirmed the first case of COVID-19 (an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus) in the United States. In the last two months, the pandemic has spread across the globe. In an […]

5 Things You Must Do Following a Car Accident

| Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

car accident

Car accidents impact every community in the country. According to data from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC), there are more than 120,000 collisions reported in our state every year—in other words, there is an average of one crash every four minutes.  Even the safest and most careful of drivers could still be involved in […]

What Makes Truck Accident Lawyers Unique?

| Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Vehicle Accidents

Seattle Federal Way Bellevue Renton truck accident attorneys

Large commercial truck accidents remain a serious public safety hazard in our region. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) estimates that 6,100 large truck accidents occur in the state every year.  For injured victims, the truck accident claims process can be confusing. Aggressive commercial insurance companies may try to take advantage of that confusion—fighting […]

How Do Commercial Truck Accidents Differ From Single Passenger Car Accidents?

| Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Vehicle Accidents

Seattle Federal Way Bellevue Renton truck accident attorneys

Commercial truck accidents share some important similarities with passenger car accidents. For example, both types of crashes can lead to serious injuries and the law provides a path to financial compensation for injured victims. That being said, there are also some very important differences between semi-truck accidents and passenger car collisions.  If you or your […]

Do Motorcycle Helmets Really Save Lives?

| Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

Do motorcycle helmets really save lives

Do motorcycle helmets really save lives? The answer is yes: motorcycle helmets save lives. The research on this matter is simply overwhelming. Do not take any risks with your health and well-being. You should always wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved safety helmet every time you get on a motorcycle.  Here, our top-rated Washington […]

Common Injuries After a Car Accident

| Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

Common Injuries After a Car Accident

Traffic accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries in communities all across the United States. According to data provided by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, approximately 50,000 people are hurt in collisions in our state on an annual basis.  These injuries vary dramatically—from relatively modest bumps and bruises to catastrophic and even life-threatening […]