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T-bone accident results in $475,000 settlement

| Blog, Car Accidents, Case Results

The Plaintiff suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries when the defendant driver pulled out from a parking lot right in front of the Plaintiff’s truck. With no time to stop, the Plaintiff t-boned the defendant driver’s vehicle, resulting in permanent injuries and disabling injuries to the Plaintiff’s shoulder and neck. The collision caused a C3-4 […]

$560,000 awarded from head-on collision with drunk driver

| Blog, Car Accidents, Case Results

The Plaintiff, a Canadian citizen, was on his way to a spring break vacation when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver in Seattle. The Plaintiff suffered extensive injuries: breaks to his left femur, right and left ulna, multiple broken fingers, and multiple lacerations and contusions. After life-saving surgery, the Plaintiff underwent extensive physical […]

$310,000 settlement awarded after multiple tractor-trailer accident

| Blog, Case Results, Truck Accidents

The Plaintiff, a tractor-trailer driver, was sideswiped by another tractor-trailer when that driver failed to pay attention and made an unsafe stop on the freeway. The Plaintiff’s tractor-trailer was then rear-ended by another tractor-trailer that was not following at a safe distance. The defendant drivers hotly contested liability. Each blamed the other driver and the […]

$4,500,000 Semi-Truck Accident In Seattle

| Case Results

At Premier Law Group, it has been our honor to help John F. receive over $4,500,000 after his semi-truck accident in Seattle. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and John is one of the best. His accident, however, was also one of the worst we’ve seen. John is lucky to be alive after his […]