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Studded Tires Cause Millions of Dollars in Damage | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

We Seattleites didn’t see any snow grace our city this winter, much to the relief of many commuters. Driving in the snow is a hassle and dangerous. Our neighbors to the south in Oregon know this just as well as we do. That’s why so many Oregonians use studded tires when driving in winter conditions. […]

Cement Used for New 520 Plantoons Raises Concerns | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

Crossing the 520 Bridge is a daily routine for many Seattleites and Bellevue residents. Recently, we’ve seen construction cranes floating nearby in the lake, as preparations are being made for further construction of the bridge. Ash Grove Cement, which has been in the Seattle area for 131 years, made a bid to provide the cement […]

Seattle Hopes to Implement Smarter Traffic Lights | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

If you live in the Seattle area, the likelihood that you’ve sat in what is described as “The Mercer Mess” is great. Mercer Street is one that is the gateway to many Seattle neighborhoods and popular landmarks, oftentimes rendering it unavoidable. But its traffic is disgusting and undeniably some of the worst in the entire […]

Insurance Disputes in Rear-End Auto Accidents

Is a rear-end collision always the fault of the rear driver? One of the most common questions I hear is whether or not a rear-end accident is automatically the fault of the rear vehicle. This is such a common concern because insurance companies in Washington often try to dispute the fault of rear-end accident claims […]