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Covering Medical Expenses During a Personal Injury Case

Paying your medical bills during your auto accident case If you have been Seattle car accident and escaped injury, it is stressful enough. What happens when you are seriously injured and need medical attention? Who pays for your ongoing medical care while you fight with the insurance company? Read on to find out. Paying your […]

Insurance Disputes in Rear-End Auto Accidents

Is a rear-end collision always the fault of the rear driver? One of the most common questions I hear is whether or not a rear-end accident is automatically the fault of the rear vehicle. This is such a common concern because insurance companies in Washington often try to dispute the fault of rear-end accident claims […]

PTSD & Auto Accidents| Kirkland Auto Crash Lawyer

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is often associated with war veterans, but what a significant number of people fail to realize is that PTSD can be the result of a variety of physical or psychological traumas. In fact, as a severe auto accident attorney in Seattle, Washington I have seen countless auto accident victims suffering […]

Face and Head Injuries| Seattle Auto Accident Law

Working with severe auto accident victims as a Seattle personal injury lawyer on a daily bases I understand that pretty much any part of the body can be injured in an auto accident. Through rollover accidents, being ejected out of the vehicle or even simply the impact of hitting your head on the steering wheel, […]

Arbitration To Settle a Case

Settling your Seattle auto accident case out of court There are a few ways that a car accident injury case can be settled before reaching trial, but the last opportunity to do so is what is in what is known as arbitration. Arbitration is one of the best ways to determine the outcome of a […]