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Unattached Trailer Crashes into Minivan, Killing Seven | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Car Accidents, News, Washington Auto Accident

A tragic accident on Wednesday left seven people, including four young children, dead in Truxton, New York. The victims were identified as 26-year-old Teresa Bush and her two children, 5-year-old Jasmine and 4-year-old Alexis, 7-year-old Alyssa Mead and her brother 4-year-old Tyler, 21-year-old Lena Beckwith and 24-year-old Carino Vanorden. The eighth passenger in the minivan […]

WA Gas Prices Keep Rising | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

| Car Accidents, News

My vehicle doesn’t have what I would consider a huge gas tank, but when I went to fill it up the other day, I have to admit that I gasped a little bit when I saw my grand total. And with Memorial Day Weekend approaching quickly, a lot of drivers across Washington State will probably […]

Mondays Mercer Mess | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Car Accidents, News, Washington Auto Accident

We Seattleites are no strangers to the infamous Mercer Mess. “Mess” may just be an understatement. With construction happening since what seems like forever ago, and expected to continue until the middle of 2015, we’re used to the catastrophic Mercer Street, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Today’s commute is expected to be […]

Parents: Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not the Backseat | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Car Accidents, Children & Minors Injuries, News, Personal Injury, Vehicle Accidents

With teens and young adults practically glued to their phones these days, it’s easy to point fingers when it comes to distracted driving. After all, they practically grew up with the technology. But, guess what: they’re not the only ones that are distracted. And they may not even be the most distracted. So who’s there […]

WWU Student Bicyclist by Car | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

| Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, News, Wrongful Deaths

College campuses are often brimming with bicycling students, especially in Washington State. Between bicyclists, pedestrians and cars, there is plenty of opportunity for accidents to occur. On Tuesday, a student at Western Washington University was hit by a car when riding his bicycle. That led Carol Berry, who is the program coordinator for the university’s […]

Facebook Could Get You Fined | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

| Car Accidents, News

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just three social networking sites that millions of users flock to everyday. We post statuses and pictures and tweet our little hearts out. And the problem is that we often do that when behind the wheel. While texting and driving is illegal in several states, using social media and driving […]