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Filing an Employment Lawsuit: Five Things to Know

An employment lawsuit is a challenging, stressful event. Employment and wage law is extremely complex. In many cases where employees feel they have been unfairly treated, however, they can feel that their employer holds all the strings. If you retain an employment law attorney to help you in your fight for justice, he or she […]

50% of Washington Jobs Regained | Seattle Employment Lawyer

Unemployment rates dropping certainly cannot be a bad thing. Especially when those changes are happening in this very state. Things have been looking up for Washingtonians, as the state has reportedly regained over 50% of the jobs that were cut during the recession. Last year, the construction sector experienced an overwhelming comeback, and created nearly […]

Getting Rid of Racism, One Black Woman at a Time

Getting Rid of Racism, One Black Woman at a Time Rhonda Lee, a meteorologist for KTBS-TV in Louisiana, was fired for responding to a comment left on Facebook by viewer Emmit Vascou  about Lee’s hair style.  Vascou felt the need to share a few ignorant thoughts about what is an acceptable look for a local […]

College Faces Age Discrimination Suit | Seattle Employment Lawyer

Marymount Manhattan College is being sued for age discrimination by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In searching for a new assistant professor in the dance composition department, the pool was narrowed to three candidates with one 64-year-old instructor in the lead. The committee then expanded the pool to include another, less qualified candidate who was […]

Sexual Harassment Laws | Seattle Employment Lawyer

Working as a Seattle employment lawyer, I know that although sexual harassment is something that happens every single day that not everyone is comfortable reporting it and far too many victims end up suffering in silence and fear. But no one should have to suffer through something as painful as sexual harassment alone, so I […]

At-Will Employee Rights | Bellevue Employment Lawyer

Working as a Washington employment lawyer since 2000 and practicing California employment law for almost 30 years I have had cases brought before me countless times in which a person was fired without a legitimate reason, but I was unable to help them because they were an at-will employee. Because of this, I have decided […]

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Q&A

As a Seattle employment lawyer with over 30 years of experience handling labor issues, I have found that many employers totally disregard the rights of their employees when it comes to the laws of the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA). On that same token, many employees do not fully understand if and when they […]