Cheerleader Killed While Texting and Driving | Seattle Distracted Driving Attorney

Distracted driving can be devastating especially when a young life is taken due to an avoidable behavior such as texting while driving. As a Seattle distracted driving attorney, I am an advocate and founder of the Teens Against Distracted Driving campaign because I am aware of the amount of damage these accidents can cause. The Mail Online news from the website recently reported about a 17 year old high school cheerleader that was instantly killed due to a horrific car accident just miles from her home. Alexis Summers of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, lost control of her Subaru Legacy and drove off the road into numerous trees while on her way home Tuesday night. The vehicle initially hit a large tree and spun before making contact with another tree. Speeding and a phone with a half written text message in it are the factors being considered as the cause of this fatal accident. Ironically this incident came just eight hours after the Pennsylvania state Senate passed a bill that will make texting while driving a serious crime. This new law is set to take effect in about three months.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and any form of distraction should be considered criminal. Texting while driving is one of the most deadly because it takes your hands off of the wheel and your eyes off of the road making it difficult to be ready for sudden stops or turns that may be required on unpredictable roads. Putting away your cell phone while you drive can save lives. The temptation of looking at your phone or replying to a friend right away is why Teens Against Distracted Driving is dedicated to getting the awareness to all teens of the devastating effects texting while driving can leave behind.

If you or a family member have been injured in a distracting driving accident, contact a professional Seattle distracted driving attorney today. Deciding whether to take legal action or not can be very confusing. Call me at Premier Law Group and I can help make your decision less stressful by dedicating my time to your case in order to protect your legal and medical rights. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact me at (206)285-1743.

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