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5-Year-Old Killed at Grant County Motocross Race | Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I have seen just how devastating it is for a family to lose a loved one in an auto accident. During a motocross race at Ephrata Raceway Park in Grant County, one of the racers lost control of his bike, which slid off of the dirt track and into a five-year-old boy who was watching the race. The boy and his family had been watching from the side of the dirt field, and the boy was sitting on a bicycle when he was struck by the motorcycle.

The boy sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead after being transported toColumbiaBasinHospital.GrantCountysheriffs say that the death was most likely an accident. Criminal charges are not likely to be filed against the motocross rider.

This terrible tragedy illustrates the importance of understanding the danger inherent in all motor vehicles. There are some accidents we can’t plan for, but there are certain things we can do to minimize our risk of injury.

If a driver does not minimize these risks, he or she can be liable for injuries caused if he or she is found to be negligent in operating the vehicle. In other situations where the driver is not negligent, another party could be liable for damages, such as a vehicle manufacturer whose safety equipment fails or a city that fails to maintain its roads.

If you have been injured due to a driver’s negligence, or if one of your loved ones has been injured or killed, you may be eligible for financial compensation. If you are not already represented by a Seattle personal injury attorney, please contact the Premier Law Group, PLLC for a free evaluation of your case.