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The decision to hire a personal injury lawyer to fight for you is not something to take lightly. The compensation for damages can be life altering. You need to find the right kind of personal injury lawyer to represent you, but there are many factors involved that determine which attorney is right for you and your case. What should you look for in a personal injury lawyer? Here are four basic guidelines:

  • Specialized Experience: Practicing law is a very specialized craft that requires many years of honing after law school. “Injury cases” and “accident cases” are basically one in the same and are handled by personal injury lawyers such as myself. These kinds of cases are all I do, and I have a lot of experience fighting them. When searching for an attorney, make sure that their practice is specific to your case. Avoid a general practice attorney, especially for injury cases, and lawyers that do not have experience in your field of need. Personal injury law is a very specific type of law that requires a specialized attorney.
  • Continuously Furthering Their Education: Make sure they have been honing their craft since law school. There are a lot of options for continued education through seminars and courses that can provide personal injury attorneys with new information and strategies that weren’t around when they went to law school. Along with that, furthering one’s education shows a dedication to their craft that is a promising sign of the effort they will put into your case.
  • Attentive to You and Your Case: Before you select an attorney, make sure they are someone who will personally see your case throughout its duration. A lot of attorneys who take more cases than they can handle will give most of the work to paralegals and case managers. In my opinion, you hire a lawyer so they will fight your case for you – not their staff. The big danger here is that a lot of lawyers out there run what I like to call a “personal injury mill,” meaning that they accept a lot of cases and settle them so fast that they cannot get as much money for their clients as they should.
  • Personality: This is the most important aspect of your relationship with your lawyer. The personal injury process can oftentimes be long and stressful, so you need an attorney that you like. If you trust him or her, and like their personality, then the legal process will be much easier on you.

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