Classic Car Damaged in Collision | Seattle Accident Attorney

No one but a classic car was hurt in a Tacoma crash early Tuesday morning.  A Pontiac was speeding when a deputy in the Pierce County Sheriff’s office attempted to stop him. The driver fled, and he was pursued to South 96th Street and South J Street. It was there that the Pontiac crashed into a garage, and into a 1960 Thunderbird that was waiting to be restored. The accident occurred around three AM, and crews were waiting to remove the car because the garage appeared unstable. The driver told the police that he didn’t stop because he was scared.

Luckily, no one was injured in this accident. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I know just how dangerous they can really be. Oftentimes I write on this blog about how dangerous drinking and drive or texting and driving are, but speeding is just as reckless. The faster you go, the less opportunity you leave to respond to unexpected hazards on the road. One mistake by you or someone else could be fatal. Compound that with something else like drinking or texting (which they often are, inattention and inebriation do not make cautious drivers) and you have a reckless driver who is a danger to everyone else on the road with them.  Following all traffic laws and signals is the very least you can do to keep our roads safe. You don’t want to be the cause of another family’s tragedy, so drive attentively and safely while behind the wheel.