Concerns increased for Seattle ‘Ducks’ passengers after different crashes due to maintenance

Seattle can bring adventures and fun in many ways.  Everyone can find something to love with all the culture, history and excitement. Seattleites and tourists alike, have for years, taken to riding “The Ducks” for an amusing and somewhat historical adventure. Ride The Ducks has become a tradition in the Seattle area. It is difficult to imagine that something that is typically surrounded by so much silliness and fun can end in tragedy. Over the last few years Ride the Ducks has had several significant incidents involving accidents while conducting  tours.  The largest of which was the 2015 Duck  accident which  tragically involved five deaths and injured dozens more.  The most recent Duck involved accident did not involve life threatening injuries after the Duck merged into another motorist.

Being involved in an accident with a large Duck vehicle is a traumatic experience, the aftermath of which can leave one with many questions that need to be answered. The team at Premier Law Group is a solid resource for people involved in any type of accidents, even unusual ones .  The PLG team specialize in supporting injured victims that need someone to be their voice and hold the negligent party accountable for what they have done.

After the 2015 Ride The Ducks crash, it was brought to light that Ducks officials knowingly pushed aside fixing a known mechanical issue and required the  unfixed vessel to be used regularly tours, thus resulting in an incident that changed the lives of many and killed five. Ride the Ducks has a responsibility to keep their passengers and those around them safe. Premier Law Group believes that no matter who the negligent party is, they should be held responsible. Nobody is above the law.

Suffering a personal injury can change lives forever.  Often those injured individuals are unable to stand up for themselves against the team of defense lawyers. Premier Law Group  stands firm in the fight for the injured individual and has made it a point to hold the negligent party responsible for the damages and injuries they have caused.  If you should find yourself riding The Ducks in Seattle and experience an unexpected accident or trauma, Premier Law Group has a team that is ready and waiting to help you.

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