Cracked Road Causes Backups in Renton | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


We all know it’s hot out there. And we Pacific Northwesterners are hardly “used to” this heat. Apparently some of our roads aren’t, either. A road just west of the intersection of SE 128th Street and 168th Avenue SE rose and cracked along a seam early yesterday evening. The crack spanned across both westbound lanes, causing traffic jams in the area. A spokeswoman for King County says it is believed to have been a result of the near-90 degree weather. One man said that he believes this section of road is the busiest in the area. It is expected that the crack will cause issues and backups for commuters this week, if it is not fixed soon.

Again, we remind you to take extra caution in this heat. Cracking roads are not the worst thing that can happen in these temperatures. Stay hydrated and stay cautious of the well-being of those around you. We especially encourage you to check in on elderly neighbors to make sure they are faring well.

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