As a Seattle wrongful death attorney I know that in a car accident, a pedestrian victim is much more vulnerable than the driver of a car because there is no metal chassis to protect the pedestrian.  Often, the only thing that can prevent disaster is the alertness of the driver.

Last Friday, a pedestrian was hit by a pickup truck while running across the road. The Spencer Shipowick, the 15-year-old victim, followed his friend across the road and was hit by 60-year-old driver. The driver was travelling towards a green light when he saw the victim’s friend run across the road. He hit the brakes but could not stop in time to avoid hitting the second pedestrian.

The victim suffered severe internal injuries and is still in serious condition. However, in their investigation of the accident the Washington State Patrol found that a big part of why the victim survived was because the driver had slowed down significantly after seeing the victim’s friend cross. Had the driver not been paying attention and not slowed down, the victim almost certainly would have been killed.

Driving is an inherently risky activity and the care taken by the driver to avoid or mitigate accidents is paramount to avoiding pedestrian fatalities. This is why the law places such emphasis on drivers taking due care behind the wheel.  If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of a driver, call today for a free initial consultation with an experienced Seattle personal injury attorney.

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