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A recent study showed that 47% of adults admit to texting while driving while only 32% of teens claim they have committed the dangerous act. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I have seen far too many disastrous incidents caused by distracted drivers. I started Teens Against Distracted Driving to make teens aware of this problem before they form bad driving habits.

The necessity of such awareness groups is evident by the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers. This last week, a man who killed a pedestrian while driving distracted received his sentence.

In June of 2009 a distracted driver hit a blind pedestrian as he crossed an intersection near Seattle’s Northgate Mall. The driver of the vehicle, Scott Caudel, was using his cell phones GPS as he made the fatal turn. The victim, 91 Year old Grant Meyers died two days later due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Last week, Caudel received a sentence of 10 months work release and was forbidden to use his cell phone while operating a vehicle for 2 years.

It is sad that in spite of incidents like these which are fully preventable masses of people still persist in this deadly behavior. With all the natural dangers out on the roads why add additional risk by driving distracted? Take the pledge to not use your cell phone while driving and help make the commute safer for yourself and the other drivers.

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