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Being a King County car accident lawyer and helping victims of auto accidents constantly, I am always shocked by how inadequate our driver training system is. Legislation has been trying to increase traffic safety for decades, requiring driver training and students to pass both a written and demonstrative driving tests. This attempts to limit the number of inexperienced and/or drunk driving incidents. But still a considerable chunk of adults do not know enough about driving laws to pass a simple written driving exam.

A survey taken by GMAC demonstrates just how badly Americans know common driving laws. 1 in 5 drivers, or 20%, were unable to pass a standard written test used to grant a driver’s license. The word “idiot” may be on the tip of your tongue right about now. I know that was my first reaction, but this disbelief was quickly replaced with fear when I realized that 20% of drivers or 38 million people don’t really know how to deal with common traffic situations.

The fact that 25% of traffic accidents are a direct result of someone running a red light became even more horrifying knowing that a whopping 85% of those that took the driver’s test didn’t know the proper way to deal with a yellow light. With these numbers I am actually surprised more accidents don’t occur at traffic signals.

Gender and geographic location were broken down in the survey and a list of state driver rankings along with their average scores will certainly make you want to avoid driving in certain states. Washington performed better than a considerable number of places, ranking #11 and New York coming in dead last. The Midwest had the best drivers with a less than 12% failure rate while the Northeast lacked in basic drivers knowledge and had over 25% of participant failing the test.

Men proved to have a better understanding of traffic laws failing 18% of the time with women have a failure rate of 24%. Women were also engaging in distracted driving more often using cell phones, eating or applying makeup with driving.

If you would like to see if you are better equipped for the road you can take the traffic test here and see how well you know the road.

To read the full driving test article click on the proceeding link.

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