3 Driving Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning During Washington’s Rainy Season

Many people would agree that rainy days are some of the worst days to drive. On top of looking miserable, it’s more dangerous to be on the roads when it’s raining because of the risk of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the act of sliding uncontrollably on a wet road while driving. While hydroplaning, you may be unable to use your steering wheel and brakes, which is a dangerous position to be in with or without other cars on the road.

Hydroplaning typically occurs in the rain and can even occur with light rain. Washington is at its rainiest in November, December, January, and February with December experiencing the most rainfall on average. The rainy season puts Washington drivers at serious risk for experiencing accidents due to hydroplaning. If you have to be on the road during Washington’s rainy season, you should know some tips for how to avoid hydroplaning.

1. Watch Your Speed

Speed is a key factor in hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is more likely to happen at speeds over 35 mph, so be cautious as you’re leaving your neighborhood. To ensure your safety, it’s best to make sure you drive at a safe speed. That also means you should abstain from using cruise control. You should be in complete control of your vehicle’s speed in the rain.

2. Steer Clear of Puddles

The primary cause of hydroplaning is water on the road. Water in the road can cause your tires to lose traction. That loss of connection with the road will lead to your car sliding across the pavement. The combination of speed, inadequate tire tread, and standing water spells disaster for anyone on the road. If you see standing water or puddles coming up ahead of you, do your best to steer clear of them. If you avoid them, your tires are less likely to lose their grip, meaning you are less likely to lose control.

3. Check Out the Cars in Front of You

When you can, it is  helpful to pay attention to what the car in front of you is experiencing. The car in front of you could give you clues to the road conditions coming up ahead. Pay attention to how they’re maneuvering in the lane. It could be a sign that you should start to slow down or even switch lanes to avoid a dangerous situation. Check on their car and keep an eye out for signs that you’re approaching excessive amounts of water.

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Hydroplaning is incredibly dangerous. For those seconds when you’ve lost control, it can be terrifyingly difficult to regain it. In Washington state, rainy days are commonplace, so accidents resulting from hydroplaning are likely to occur. If you’ve been involved in a hydroplaning crash, you need a dedicated team of expert car accident lawyers by your side to help you cope with the aftereffects.

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