Arrogance is the feeling of invincibility. It’s the feeling that the amount of alcohol you drank and the police patrol cars signaling you to pull over are nothing in comparison to the prowess of your driving skill. Maybe your arrogance is deserved, and you can shake off the police and get home without a scratch. But arrogance on the road is, above all other things, selfish. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I can tell you that just because you come out alright doesn’t mean everyone else around you does. If your arrogance doesn’t catch up with you, it will prey on the innocent people around you.

On Saturday, July 30th, police officers were alerted to a suspected drunk driver in a pickup truck after witnesses reported seeing a repeatedly swerving car. They began pursuing him and witnessed the driver crash into two vehicles. At one point the suspected drunk driver made to pull over, but once the police had gotten out of their car, took off again. Minutes after they began pursuing him, the driver collided into a third car west of Interstate 5 causing it to flip onto its side. The car contained 26-year-old Meghan Striver. The 45-year-old drunken man from Arlington was rescued before his truck caught on fire. Striver died at the scene just outside the Best Western Inn in Tulalip, WA, where she had just finished her shift.

The driver has been released, although he remains under investigation for charges of vehicular homicide, eluding police, and hit-and-run. Although there is a possibility Striver would not have died had the drunk driver not been involved in a high speed chase with the police, one might argue that his drunk driving would have caused an auto collision eventually. Our greatest condolences go to Striver’s loved ones and our fiercest condemnation to the 45-year-old Arlington man.

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