Drunk Driver Leads WSP on 30 Mile High Speed Chase

As a Seattle auto accident lawyer working at a personal injury law firm, I have never understood what someone hopes to accomplish by leading police on a high speed chase. It seems as though more often than not they are caught and eluding the police is a felony charge, which means that whatever they would have been charged with before just got that much worse. Driving at high speeds and weaving through traffic to try and get away from police poses a serious threat to other people on the road and the risk of causing an auto accident significantly increases.

Very early this morning an intoxicated 29-year-old man from Bothell led Washington State Patrol officers on a high speed chase that spanned over 30 miles and went through 2 counties. A trooper observed what he suspected was an impaired driver and made an attempt to pull the driver over, but instead of stopping the man, whose name has not been released, sped up and tried to escape. Officers pursued the man, who at times was driving over 100 mph, following him from southbound I-5 to Interstate 405 and on to State Route 520. He then got back onto northbound I-405 where troopers were finally able to stop him using a PIT maneuver and spike strips near Northeast 195th Street in Bothell.

Once he was finally forced to stop the suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Snohomish County Jail for felony eluding, dui, hit and run, making threats to a police officer and driving with a suspended license. Quite a few of those charges could have been avoided if the man had just pulled over after the troopers first attempt and it is likely that police will add more charges for things like reckless driving.