Drunk Driver Runs Over Four People | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


It looks like the greater Seattle area isn’t the only place with a repeat drunk driver problem. Early this morning, a bicyclist and three pedestrians were injured in New York City when Sean Martin, a driver with a record of driving drunk, hit them. Martin was under the influence of alcohol and driving at high speeds when his vehicle hopped a curb. It came to rest in a storefront. On his path of destruction, he also hit a sidewalk stand, a street sign, a bike rack filled with bicycles, a tree as well as a fire hydrant.

The three pedestrians work at the store that Martin crashed into with his vehicle. They were not inside the store at the time they were hit. One of the people who was run over was a man in his sixties. He is reportedly in critical condition at the hospital.

Driving drunk is probably one of the most selfish crimes you can commit. Mix it with speed and you have yourself an out-of-control destructive situation. These four people were just starting their day when it was so blatantly interrupted by Martin’s intoxicated driving. We wish the four victims smooth and quick recoveries and hope that justice is served to Martin.