Drunk Driving Takes Oregon Teen’s Life | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Nicholas Portis was nearly at the end of his first journey in life and nearly at the beginning of another when he died earlier this month. He was going to graduate from high school this year and deploy to the Marines at the end of summer. Now he won’t be able to do either of those things.

Portis was in the woods outside of Estacada, Oregon, partying with friends one evening. He was riding in a Toyota 4-Runner with five friends, and the back of the vehicle was open. The driver, Joseph Childs, 19, crashed the vehicle. Portis was killed and the others were taken to hospitals with non life-threatening injuries. It is believed that both speed and alcohol played roles in the crash.

This is yet another tragic example of the dangers of drunk driving. Alcohol can have much more serious effects on underage drinkers. Everybody is urging parents to closely monitor their children and their whereabouts as warmer weather and summer rolls around. The two give kids many more opportunities to drink, and possibly drive after doing so.