Drunk Pilot Faces July Sentencing | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


What’s just as dangerous as (but perhaps more surprising than) drinking and driving? Drinking and flying. Paul R. Roessler, of Federal Way, was found drinking and flying after he overflew his destination by about 50 miles. He had been flying a twin-engine plane for Airpac Airlines and was supposed to be heading to Spokane Airport. Air controllers became confused when he flew past the airport and they couldn’t contact him via radio. When they finally gained contact with Roesseler, they told him that he could land on Runway 25. However, Roessler did not line up to land on Runway 25. Eventually, despite the initial confusion, he made a safe landing on Runway 25. There, law enforcement as well as emergency personnel greeted him.

Roessler emerged from the aircraft and began unloading his plane. Alcohol was detected on his breath immediately. He was not permitted to drink coffee because officers insisted he was attempting to cover up the smell of alcohol. Roessler’s blood-alcohol level was determined to be .108. Roessler eventually told law enforcement that he had been drinking whiskey mixers eight hours before he began flying. Roessler faces sentencing in July and could spend 15 years in prison. He no longr has his commercial pilot’s license. However, predictions are being made that his sentencing will be much more lenient than 15 years.