Ellensburg Hit-And-Run Accident | Kent Injury Attorney

If I have learned one thing through my time working on Seattle personal injury cases as an Issaquah car accident attorney it would be that protecting yourself through auto insurance Is essential. Not only do uninsured drivers plague the roadways in a down economy, hit-and-run drives seriously injure or kill people every single day. When a driver is uninsured or fails to come forward the victim is left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and no way to pay them. Just this morning a hit-and-run accident involving a semi truck sent a man to Harborview with serious injuries.

Around 4:45 the morning of February 1st a Geo Metro and Semi Truck were both traveling west on Interstate 82 a few miles south of Ellensburg, Washington. The Peterbilt semi truck allegedly struck the Metro crushing the compact car to a nearly unrecognizable state. Gregory Meyers, the driver of the Geo Metro, was trapped in the crushed vehicle for an hour while emergency crews worked to safely remove him. Meyers was then airlifted to  Harborview Medical Center where he was treated for broken bones.

The pictures show how extensive the damage was to the metro, but the Semi truck fled the scene in an attempt to relinquish responsibility for the accident. Ellensburg police are on the look out for a Peterbilt semi truck with extensive damage- and request that anyone with information relating to this accident call Detective Dave Snider with the WSP office in Ellensburg at 509-925-5303.

Before you are involved in a serious auto accident I urge you to review your current insurance policy and make sure you have adequate PIP (personal injury protection) and UIM/UM (under-insured motorist and uninsured motorist protection). For more information on Washington auto insurance and what levels you should have visit our videos page and learn more through the link above.