One week before Christmas 2009, Trina Renee Harris was killed in a car accident in Houston. Harris, a 34-year-old woman and the mother of two children, died on impact when her 2009 Toyota Corolla sped through a stop sign and crashed into a cement road divider. Trina’s husband, Michael Harris, filed a lawsuit last week in the third acceleration-related wrongful death suit against Toyota. Similar acceleration problems have caused Toyota to recall millions of vehicles recently.

Harris is suing Toyota, the gas pedal maker CTS Corporation and Fred Haas Toyota World, the dealer. Mr. Harris says he just wants “those who were negligent to be held responsible.”

Michael Harris recalls his wife mentioning something about her car’s accelerator moving on its own sometimes. After the accident and before the national January Toyota recalls, he contacted them to inform them that something was wrong with their vehicles. Toyota never responded.

“Toyota is building death traps and they know it and they need to stop it,” said lawyer Ken Mingledorff.

Toyota would not comment on the pending litigation.

Our condolences go out to the Harris family during these difficult times.

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